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coopoly, el juego de las cooperativas

coopoly, the game of cooperatives, is a board game where all participants need to apply their sharing and team player skills. The game starts when all the players create their cooperative and thereafter all the players need to balance the revenues and costs of the cooperative with the individual challenges they find during the game. Players win points for the cooperative, from where they receive their salaries. The individuals and the group must manage their finance for being able deal with all the payments.
In contrast to Monopoly, participants are motivated to create common wealth and to support each other as the game is focus in social wealth, not in individual enrichment. Interesting debates are created during the game in the Pay Day box, where the cooperative must decide how to share resources to ensure that all players will be able to deal with their personal obligations.
Co-opoly has been developed by TESA (Toolbox for Education and Social Action) with the aim of helping people to have a better understanding about the democratic decision taking processes. Barcelonya has signed up a production and distribution contract with TESA to launch the game of Co-operatives in Europe. The game received a very warm welcome in OuiShare, and we are happy to announce that in September we will launch a crowdfunding campaign to support the translation of the game to different European languages and the production. We are looking for potential partners, which would be willing to support us in this new venture.
DSCN9455                                                                    Picture of the workshop in the Ouishare fest 2014.

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