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We are a team of sustainability and communication professionals based in Barcelona founded in 2008 by leading change agents Alexis Urusoff and Heloise Buckland who bring together expertise in communication, education and sustainability gained from over 20 years experience working for social change in the UK, Spain and Latin America.
We help individuals and organisations maximize their potential as positive change agents to solve today’s most urgent social, environmental and economic challenges.
We work in partnership with others who are inspired to change the world.
We are a social enterprise.
Barcelonya coordinates the Regional Centre of Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development recognized by the United Nations University, is founding member of the business association Ecoemprenedors, member of the Xarxa de Economía Solidaria and the Red Iberoamericana de Eco-Aldeas and works in partnership with numerous local and international organisations. 
Alexis Urusoff, Creative Director and co-founder. Over 20 years’ experience in the creation and management of social initiatives in Argentina, Costa Rica and Spain and expertise in digital and visual communication and sustainable design. Alexis blends communication expertise with a background of Political Science and Sociology, Social Ecology and Sustainable Design. He speaks English and Spanish, is a part time actor, disruptive thinker and social activist. He dreams of creating unforgettable moments, inflaming passions and breaking boundaries.
Heloise Buckland, Research Director and co-founder. With 14 years’ experience pioneering social change in the UK, Spain, Belize, Ecuador and Chile,  she has worked with governments, businesses, business schools, universities and NGOs to develop learning and programmes for sustainability and social innovation. She lectures at ESADE, is board member of Eco-emprenedors, editor of Education and Sustainability magazine, author of various publications and passionate about creating empowering learning experiences for positive change.
SONY DSCDaniel Wahl, Associate facilitator. Daniel has worked as a consultant, researcher and educator in various fields of sustainability for the last 15 years. He has a degree in Biology, Masters in Holistic Science from Schumacher College and a Phd in Design for Sustainability. Daniel is member of International Futures Forum and Gaia Education, previously director of Findhorn College and collaborates with UNITAR and Bioneers. He now lives in Mallorca and began collaborating with Barcelonya in February 2013.
david weingartner web
David Weingartnerproject manager. David studied International Business at Furtwangen University in Germany specialising in sustainable development and solidarity economics and  has worked with various permaculture projects and social initiatives in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. David has collaborated with Barcelonya since August 2012, is a nature and outdoor sports enthusiast, speaks English, Spanish and German fluently and is an accredited interpreter for German Sign Language.
Cesar-135x170Cesar Marchesino , Associate researcher. Cesar has over twenty years’ experience as a researcher and activist in the fields of social ecology and social movements. His fields of research include subjectivity, policy and the epistemology of social sciences and socio-ecological challenges. Cesar holds a Phd in Philosophy, is an associate professor of Cordoba University (Argentina) where he teaches in the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities. Cesar collaborates with Barcelonya’s research in the field of social innovation.

Míriam Salvatierra, translator.  Miriam has worked with Barcelonya since 2008 as translator for Education and Sustainability and other publications.  She has studied linguistics at the University of Barcelona, Modern Languages at Girona University and has over 16 years’ experience as a professional proof reader and translator.
Barcelonya’s core team is supported by a team of independent professionals competent in education for sustainability, group facilitation, research, event production, social innovation, research, graphic design, video editing and web design.  We also have an Internship Vacancy 2014 to support young professionals with a desire to gain experience in the field of sustainability and social change. To date have delivered internships for young people from Germany, Poland, Sweden, Paraguay and Spain.
Working in partnership is at the heart of our business. Since 2008 we have worked with the following organisations:

  • United Nations University
  • RCE Barcelona
  • Federació Catalana d’ONGD
  • UPC, Technical University of Catalonia
  • Girona University
  • Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Edusost
  • Active Earth
  • Barcelona City Council
  • Diputació de Barcelona
  • Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat
  • Fundación Ecologia y Desarrollo
  • Teknikdalen Foundation
  • WWF
  • New Economics Foundation
  • My Bank
  • Global Action Plan
  • Horizon 2020
  • Malmo Further Education College
  • Gothenburg University
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • Global University Network for Innovation
  • RCE Skane
  • UnescoCat
  • Enginyeria Sense Fronteres
  • Malmo City Council
  • CP/RAC, Regional Activity Centre for Cleaner Production and Consumption
  • Mediterranean Information Office for Environment
  • Culture and Development
  • Lind Communication
  • Fundació de Residus i Consum Responsable
  • Reseau Financement Alternatif
  • Fédération Romande des Consommateurs
  • IEPF – la Finance Pour Tous
  • Microfinance Centre
  • Xarxa d’Economia Solidaria
  • Centre Cívic Parc Sandaru
  • Fundación para una Nueva Cultura de Agua
  • Xarxa de la Nova Cultura d’Aigua
  • Lapsus Spectacles
  • Agenda 21 Barcelona
  • Xarxa d’Escoles per la Sostenibilitat
  • Associació de Minyons i Escoltes


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