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Education and Sustainability

… to the world everyone, everywhere wants.
We feel intrinsically part of the problem and the solution to today’s challenges and are inspired to face both with open hearts and creative minds. We respect nature as our teacher, and understand that diversity, interconnectedness and closed loop systems are essential for survival but we also believe in the ingenuity and spirituality of individuals and groups to create more resilient systems.
Our approach is based on over 20 years’ experience and we have learnt that to build a more sustainable future the process is often more important than the result, that co-created experiences are more likely to generate long term commitment, that positive stories are contagious and that social networks have changed the political landscape forever.
We blend scientific rigour, creativity, international credibility and a practical, hands-on approach and are committed to helping others meet their sustainability challenges in a fast, effective and inspirational way.
We walk the talk…
Our sustainability policy

  • Minimum ecological footprint & maximum social impact: This is what we aim for at home, in the office and through our work and our partnerships.
  • Carbon conscious: We calculate our carbon emissions from international travel, include these in our accounting and offset them by supporting local tree planting projects.
  • Local food: We have helped set up two local food cooperatives in Barcelona, run a small vegetable garden and always use local, organic food at our events.
  • Water efficiency: We use water filter systems in our homes and offices and have organised an exhibition about water conflicts.
  • Zero waste: We operate a zero waste policy at home and work, re-using and recycling all materials where possible.
  • Ethical finance: We only work with financial institutions with a strict ethical policy, and currently bank with COOP57, Triodos and Caixa Enginyers. We also have an ethical finance game to help students learn about the social and environmental consequences of banking.


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