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Education and Sustainability

Sustainable events keep their ecological footprint to a minimum and maximise their positive social impact and we have been helping Universities, businesses, NGOs and government organisations run more sustainable events since 2008.
Training for event managers: we offer a one day express course and 3 day specialised course for event managers and organisers on how to organise a sustainable event, focusing on the business case, good practice examples, the planning cycle, certification, reporting and communication.
Resources for event organisers: we have developed an online sustainable events toolkit for event organisers, which includes a step by step checklist to organize a sustainable event, a host of inspiring examples of sustainable events, the latest on event standards and certification and a directory of sustainable suppliers in Mediterranean.  Visit the Sustainable Events Toolkit online or simply download the sustainable events checklist.
We developed this toolkit in partnership with the Regional Activity Centre for Cleaner Production and Consumption, the Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Development and Horizon 2020.

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