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EASY GREEN is a new eco group which enable EASY steps for people to make to learn how to live a Greener lifestyle. Tours on first Sunday of every month. Next one will be a bike tour, on the 3rd of July 2011.

Meet: Plaça Sant Jaume <m> Jaume 1. Date: 11am Sun 3rd July Cost: €20* (including bike rental, see below for details) Length: 3 hours (Finish at Vegetalia, C/ Escudellers 54, Plaça George Orwell / Tripi)

Tour Theme:

We will cycle through this wonderful city, taking a few stops to learn about what exciting projects exist aswell as trying a few organic tapas and locally produced wines. We visit amazing places, see some of the most radical examples of eco architecture and urbanism and see some of those oddities which make Barcelona what it is; A laboratory for change.

Past tours: Easy Green Tour World Environment Day + Urban eco tours

Bike route:

Outward: in Plaça Sant Jaume , collect bikes, C/ Ferran, Rambla, C/ Hospital, Rambla Raval, CSO Barrilonia, Hort del Xino, St Antoni, Eixample block at library, c/ urgell (new bikelane – 1 car line less), parall.el, poble sec, last bit of city wall @ Drassanas, Colon, parc ciutadella (green heart – we always pass here) (all public parks should have food), ducks (biodiversity), parc ciutadella (greenways), William Mc Donagh building ECOURBAN (buildings as trees, cities as forests + VID), Razzmatazz, Arkatraz, media-tic by cloud 9, museum by BAAA (forest way in city)

Rambla Poblenou (wine and tapas stop)

Parc clot (old ruins, w ways.) talk about sagrera (trains, new project, greenway), parc glories (explain Eixample), torre agbar, meridiana (cerda and his geometry – oddness of this little planet), tram (transport) fort pienc community garden (community garden – open participation), Marina bridge (unused space – heridas abiertas + football – urban infrastructure recycling) 3 pro-eixample points, passeig san joan (reconstructed, safe bikeway zone, old town, st pere (beautiful space), forat de la vergonya (urban story, community involvement and local politics) Espai Mescladis (un centro social y gastronómico y un espacio de sensibilización sobre consumo responsable, productos de proximidad y comercio justo), Plaça Catalunya (scene of acampadaBCN and the #SpanishRevolution) Placa Tripi, DRAP ART Recycled Market & Workshops (their last day)


We finish the tour in Restaurant Vegetalia (C/ Escudellers 54, Placa George Orwell / Tripi), an organic vegan restaurant where all the produce comes from their own farm just outside the city, they are one of the oldest ecological points in the city, being here since 1986.

Guide: tour is one of the components of the EASY GREEN project being developed by the eco cooperative Barcelonya. The tour will be led by Dunk; Irish eco architect, city tour guide, #acampadaBCN global communications activist, part founder of Barcelona en Transició. Recent interview with Duncan here: Let’s plant some seeds :// GARDENING FOR CHANGE


€20* includes bike rental for duration of the tour
€15* if you come with your own bike
€25* includes bike rental for 24 hours**

* = (or whatever you can afford or is reasonable for you. If you want to give more that is also fine… We also accept alternative currency, if you have an exchange proposal for us come and tell us…)

** We rent the bikes from Green Bikes (in Carrer d’Ataülf, 8) for 3 hours. If you hold onto the bikes for 24 hours, you might have to pay a deposit and the bike will be your responsibility untill you return it.

A few things maybe of interest:
ES magazines: 1 – climate change | 2 – responsible consumption | 3 – water | 4 – cities | 5 – food | 6 – mobility | 7 – learning 2.0 | 8 – biodiversity | 9 – health | 10 – money (ES is the magazine brought out by the eco cooperative Barcelonya)
Barcelona Open Green Map lists all that is green and good in the city (its an open project, so if you have something to add, fire away)
Maybe also:
This is not the exact map, but it includes many of the points we will visit.

Ver Sant Marti en Transició – Ruta en bicis: Sabado 14 de Mayo 2011 en un mapa más grande
Espai Mescladis (El Espai Mescladís es un centro social y gastronómico y un espacio de sensibilización sobre consumo responsable, productos de proximidad y comercio justo)

Hort del Xino: Somos un grupo de gente del barrio que ante la falta de espacios verdes y de lechugas frescas al barrio decidió crear un huerto comunitario en un solar abandonado.
Enjoy your journey on Spaceship Earth

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