Comunication for Sustainability
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This internationally recognized photographic exhibition was the inspiration of Goldman Prize winner and renowned international water activist, Pedro Arrojo. The challenge laid down was to give a voice to the nameless millions of people across the world who have lost their homes due to water related conflict.  The exhibition comprises photos and videos of 26 case studies across the world and to date has been hosted in 16 cities in Europe, Latin America and the US.
Barcelonya designed “The Citizens Agenda” and “The Learning Space” for the exhibition when it was hosted in Barcelona. We brought water activists, networks and associations together to create a series of 30 events, seminars, workshops, visits, theatre, films guided tours and school activities as an open space for to engage with local water conflicts. Over 4.000 people and 400 school children visited the exhibition during its one month stay in Barcelona.
Visit the exhibition website and download the teaching resources we developed here.
Partners:  Foundation for the New Water Culture, Catalan Water Agency, Regional Government of Barcelona, Network for the New Water Culture, Engineers without Borders, Lapsus Spectacles, Agenda 21 Barcelona, Environmental Education Association for Catalonia, Scouts and Guides Association and various other cultural and educational organisations and networks.

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