Water, Rivers and People

Whether designing a political campaign, selling a product, or recruiting people for a social cause, good communication is essential.  Sustainable development is no different, to bring about the radical behaviour shifts and cultural changes required to reverse our current unsustainable trends in consumption and production, good communication is a priority. Bringing about cultural change on a massive scale needs heroes, clear messages, inclusive language and solid arguments, as well as humour and personal stories. These are some of the key concepts for communciation for sustainability that will be explored.
It is now estimated that by 2030 we will need two planets to produce all the resources to satisfy our current levels of consumption . For all sustainability initiatives (whether legislative, market driven, targeted at individuals or organisations) a good communication strategy is key to bring about the necessary lifestyle changes. If the solutions were purely technological, we would have solved them years ago!

We will explore two types of communication for sustainability strategies,
1) online strategies, such as building a social network and other low cost web strategies, and
2) offline strategies, such as sustainable events and innovation. Finally participants will design a communication strategy for an existing sustainability initiative, moving the debate from concept to practice.
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