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Asana: a bridge to connect the body to the mind, a technique to find the now, a practice to become absolutely present in what one is doing. This is how B.K.S. Iyengar, one of the first yogic masters to articulate the ancient teachings of yoga to a digestible form for the West, conceptualizes what most of us know as a simple yoga posture, the first step towards yogic bliss..
step one: asanas step two: pranayama (breathing excercises) step three: will-power
«Unruffled state of the mind, poise, cheerfulness, inner strength, capacity to turn out difficult works, success in all undertakings, power to influence people, a magnetic and dynamic personality, magnetic aura on the face, sparkling eyes, steady gaze, powerful voice, a magnanimous gait, unyielding nature, fearlessness, etc., are some of the signs or symptoms that indicate one’s ‘will’ is growing».
Swami Sivananda

Swami Vishnu flew this plane on numerous peace missions in the 1970`s, he flew over the Berlin wall, Northern Ireland and various other zones of conflict in Europe, dropping pamphlets with messages of peace and yoga, such as;
«Health is Wealth. Peace of Mind is Happiness.«

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